Nancy Bullock Jewelry Design
About the artist:

My love for jewelry began as a little girl, raiding my grandmother’s jewelry box, and designing my own original pieces - chandelier earrings of bobby pins and tin foil and rings of pipe cleaners and shiny rocks.  As I got older my love for jewelry making only grew as I studied metalworking and jewelry design , attended school in Florida for Bench jewelers, and participated in countless workshops for jewelry designers, but I find that I still love doing things my own way.

When I was growing up, I was deeply influenced by the majestic colors and textures of the Rocky Mountains where I skied and hiked. Later, it was the vibrant colors of the desert where my husband and I raised our three active boys that moved me. Now, I’m drawn to the calming hues of the beach where we spend time collecting shells and playing in the waves with our grandchildren.  Precious metals and gemstones have replaced the bobby pins and tinfoil, and sand and sun have replaced the Rocky Mountains, but passion is still what drives me.