How To Clean Your Ultrasonic Diffuser

How To Clean Your Ultrasonic Diffuser

I love to diffuse essential oils in my house, sometimes mixing 2 or 3 blends a day in my Ultrasonic Diffuser. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to add delicious scents to the air and benefit from the amazing healing properties of therapeutic quality essential oils. Needless to say, my ultrasonic diffuser gets a serious workout. That’s why cleaning it is so important to keep it in tip top working condition and my oils smelling pure and fresh. But don’t worry, it’s quick and easy too!

Most ultrasonic diffusers come with instructions that recommend you clean them after every 2 to 3 uses, but I tend to find the time to clean it about once a week. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Here is what you’ll need….
  • Warm Water in a cup or bowl
  • Natural cleanser: Vinegar / Lemon Oil and/or Denatured Alcohol work wonders. Avoid harsh, corrosive or extra strong cleansers.
  • Cotton ball / Sponge / Soft Brush or Q-tips. Q-tips take a long time, but are great for the corners and hard to reach places.
  • Clean Dry Towel

        Follow these 5 simple steps to clean your ultrasonic diffuser...
        1. Start by unplugging your diffuser from the power source.
        2. Empty the remaining water and oil from the reservoir into the sink or an empty container. Make sure that you pour the water out of the back side of the diffuser, as to avoid getting the control buttons wet.
        3. Apply the natural cleanser of your choice to your soft cloth, cotton ball, brush or q-tip. I prefer to use a cloth with vinegar and a touch of Lemon essential oil. Gently scrub the inner surface of the reservoir and the metal plate to remove any built up residue. This is where Q-tips come in handy for those tight corners and hard to reach areas. Make sure to pay extra special attention to the base of the ultrasonic diffuser, as this is the part of the diffuser that makes the magic happen.
        4. Once the surfaces are clean and free of build-up, use a cotton ball or soft cloth with a natural cleanser to clean the top lid of the diffuser.
        5. Using a clean towel, dry any remaining liquid on and in the diffuser, and voila! It’s now ready to be refilled and used again to enrich your life with the healing properties of essential oils.

        A Few Tips...

        * Clean your diffuser next to the kitchen or bathroom sink for rinsing and to avoid messy spills.
        * Turn off ceiling fans to keep the healing mist from spreading too thin
        * For the best mist output, fill the reservoir halfway, not to the fill line.

        Have fun and explore different oils and diffuser recipes! The possibilities are endless!